List web hosting control panels from most widely used and recognized web hosting control panels

List web hosting control panels from most widely used and recognized web hosting control panels

This list will include a mix of free and commercial options, without specific analytics on their user base.

Most Popular Web Hosting Control Panels

  1. cPanel/WHM - Commercial; one of the most popular Linux-based control panels for web hosting accounts.
  2. Plesk - Commercial; supports multiple OS and is known for its flexibility and security.
  3. DirectAdmin - Commercial; offers a clean interface and is lightweight compared to cPanel.
  4. Webmin/Virtualmin - Free and open-source; a more technical control panel that is highly customizable.
  5. ISPConfig - Free and open-source; supports Linux and can manage multiple servers from one control panel.
  6. CentOS Web Panel - Free; specifically designed for CentOS/RHEL systems.
  7. Vesta Control Panel - Free; known for its simplicity and minimalistic approach.
  8. Ajenti - Free; focuses on providing a fast and responsive web interface.
  9. Froxlor - Free and open-source; known for its lightweight and streamlined interface.
  10. ZPanel - Free; works on Windows and Linux, but the project has not been actively maintained recently.

Other Notable Mentions

  1. CyberPanel - Offers a LiteSpeed-powered control panel with both free and enterprise versions.
  2. InterWorx - Commercial; known for its cluster management capabilities.
  3. HestiaCP - Free; a fork of VestaCP, emphasizing security and simplicity.
  4. AA Panel - Free; a newer entry in the market with a focus on simplicity and efficiency.
  5. Sentora - Free; based on ZPanel, designed to be simple and modular.
  6. ISPmanager - Commercial; popular in Eastern Europe, known for its comprehensive features.
  7. BlueOnyx - Free; designed for the management of virtual sites, including web and email.
  8. Virtualmin GPL - Free version of Virtualmin; offers a robust set of features.
  9. Cloudmin - Commercial; for managing virtual systems, including VPS and cloud instances.
  10. Apachefriends (XAMPP) - Free; more of a local server environment but used for development and testing.

Specialized or Niche Control Panels

  1. ServerPilot - Commercial; focuses on managing WordPress and other PHP applications on cloud servers.
  2. RunCloud - Commercial; another popular panel for managing PHP applications in the cloud.
  3. - Commercial; focused on developers and agencies managing websites and applications.
  4. Cockpit Project - Free; more of a server management tool than a web hosting panel, but useful for administrators.
  5. Webuzo - Commercial; Single user control panel which helps deploy apps on your server.
  6. - Commercial; focuses on simplicity and automation for web developers.
  7. Forge (by Laravel) - Commercial; tailored for Laravel applications, supports automatic deployment from Git.
  8. Cleaver - Commercial; another tool designed for developers, focusing on automation and simplicity.
  9. GridPane - Commercial; for managing WordPress sites on various cloud hosting platforms.
  10. SPanel - Commercial; ScalaHosting's all-in-one control panel with an integrated SShield security.